When you look at the 1628 Henry II, frontrunner from a good Catholic military, got encircled Realmont, an excellent Huguenot bastion in the south France

The Protestant defenders appeared as if better entrenched. Henry, labeled as the new Prince out-of Conde, chose to bring up certain cannons to try to violation this new walls. Following, as so frequently happens in such as points, luck changed.

Up coming almost every other experts in the office perform produce the man or woman’s “identity” papers

Realmont moving between your traces who was simply in the arms away from a great cipher. The Prince regarding Conde and his awesome advisers could not discern the definition. However, Henry had been aware of an earlier other for the the neighborhood area who possessed such as experiences. The guy he delivered to have is actually Antoine Rossignol. Troops grabbed a resident off

are misleading because they was requesting ammunition and you can guns. Whenever Henry experienced the fresh new Protestant leaders with what he knew, it soon decided to give up. Lees meer